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Before You Charter an Altered Limousine

Consumers Should Verify the Following Company/Driver Information
Before You Charter an Altered Limousine

Commercial Driver's License

The driver of any DOT regulated altered limousine transporting 9 or more persons (including the driver) is required to possess, and conspicuously display in the vehicle, a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL) with a Passenger Endorsement (P) issued by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYSDMV) or any State that has reciprocity with NYSDMV. Consumers should verify that the operator of the altered limousine has a valid license for that specific regulated service.  Consumers should also verify that the company and the driver are in compliance with Article 19-A of the Vehicle and Traffic Law by contacting the NYSDMV Bus Driver Unit at 518-473-9455 or by email:  [email protected].

Operating Authority

Any company providing for-hire service to the general public, utilizing an altered limousine, is required to obtain operating authority (OA) in the form of a permit from the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT). Consumers should verify that the company owning the altered limousine has obtained such a permit.  Operator Authority is only required for altered limousines capable of carrying 11 or more passengers (including the driver).

Vehicle Inspection

Any company providing for-hire service to the general public utilizing an altered limousine is required to be inspected by NYSDOT every six (6) months. The special NYSDOT diamond-shaped inspection sticker is affixed to the right side of the front windshield. Consumers should verify that the vehicle inspection sticker is valid by looking at the expiration date. The inspection sticker should be no older than six (6) months.

Liability Insurance

Any company providing for-hire service to the general public utilizing an altered limousine is required to possess a current insurance certificate that provides proof of liability insurance. Consumers should verify at the place of business that any company offering for-hire-service has a current insurance certificate with no less than $1.5 million in combined coverage per event from an accredited insurance carrier.

Operator Safety Performance

NYSDOT performs semi-annual vehicle safety inspections on a wide variety of vehicles, including altered limousines. The operator safety performance for NYSDOT-regulated vehicles is available below. Consumers should compare and verify a company’s safety performance. Consumers may also access company inspection records and crash data at

Visual Inspection

Prior to entering an altered limousine, consumers should visually inspect the vehicle (e.g., worn tires, inoperable lights, and turn signals, unusual or loud engine or muffler noises, missing or damaged hardware such as door handles or damaged interiors). The altered limousine should be clean and free of visible defects. The vehicle should also have Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) tag issued by the original manufacturer or certified alterer on the driver’s doorjamb. Any hesitation or uneasiness should be a red flag, and concerns should be reported immediately to: (518) 457-6512 or [email protected].

Seat Belts

Seat belts are a primary safety feature in all vehicles. Just like in any passenger automobile, it is imperative to wear a seat belt for safety in the event of a crash.  Consumers should ensure that seat belts are visible when entering the limousine. Ask the driver for help finding each safety belt, if necessary, and make sure each person in your party wears one.