About the Community Grid Alternative

The Community Grid Alternative would involve demolishing the existing viaduct between the New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway (NYS&W) bridge near Renwick Avenue and the I-81/I-690 interchange. The section of I-81 between the southern I-81/I-481 interchange (Interchange 16A) and the I-81/I-481 northern interchange (Interchange 29) would be de-designated as an interstate, and existing I-481 would be re-designated as the new I-81 and would carry a minimum of four travel lanes (two in each direction) of through traffic. The portion of existing I-81 between its northern and southern intersections with I-481 would be re-designated as a business loop of I-81 (BL 81). The character of BL 81 would vary from a high-speed facility to a signalized city street.

The alternative would disperse traffic throughout the city grid, with access points to and from I-690 and BL 81 available at West Street and Crouse and Irving Avenues (to and from I-690), as well as at Clinton Street, Oswego Boulevard, and Pearl Street (to and from northern BL 81), and numerous at grade intersections along Almond Street between MLK, Jr. East and Erie Boulevard (to and from southern BL 81).

The Community Grid would also include a full reconstruction of I 690 between Leavenworth Avenue and Beech Street, with a partial I-81/I-690 interchange, as well as interchange modifications, bridge replacements and other features. Almond Street would be reconstructed and include new pedestrian and bicycle amenities.

The Community Grid Alternative would require the acquisition of four buildings. Construction would be anticipated to take five years and cost $2.25 billion.